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How will assessment help me start my educational career at De Anza?

Assessment measures your academic knowledge in English and Math. De Anza uses placement tests to assess your skill level.

Upon test completion, you receive placement into the English or English as a Second Language and Math course sequences.

I received accommodations in high school, can I receive the same support at De Anza?

If you feel that you have either a learning difference or physical disability which might adversely affect your testing abilities, contact the Disability Support Services (DSS) at 408-864-8753.

Highly recommended! Contact the DSS Department BEFORE taking the placement test(s).

Who must satisfy the assessment requirement?

Matriculation requires that all new students be assessed in English (or ESL) and Math.

In general, students must be assessed if they plan to:

  • Transfer;
  • Earn a degree or certificate;
  • Enroll in any English, ESL, or Math courses; or
  • Are undecided about their educational goals.
Who is exempt from the assessment requirement?

Students are exempt from the assessment requirements if they have earned:

  • An Associate or Bachelor Degree (from US College or University); or
  • Have completed college course work in English and Math (college transcript proof required.)

To submit your transcripts for degrees earned, complete the Prerequisite Clearance Process.

Can I use coursework from another college to waive my English/ESL or Math assessment requirement?

De Anza may except college credit from other institutions, for more information review the below below:

English as a Second Language (ESL)


Basic skills (or lower than transfer level) English course credit from other colleges will not transfer to De Anza.



Typically, ESL course credit will not transfer to De Anza.


Typically, math course credit from other colleges will transfer to De Anza.


Transfer level English course credit from other colleges will typically transfer to De Anza.


Students must complete the Prerequisite Clearance Process to transfer course credit to De Anza.


It is recommended that students take the placement test with the Assessment Center.


To transfer Math course credit from other colleges.


Students must complete the Prerequisite Clearance Process to transfer course credit to De Anza.



Can I use coursework from another college to enroll in Chemistry and Biology courses?

Students wishing to use college coursework to meet the prerequisites of a De Anza College course should follow the steps of the Evaluation's Department Prerequisite Clearance Process.

Can I use my English, ESL, Math, Chemistry or Biology test scores from another college to satisfy the assessment requirement?

De Anza can accept your test scores from other colleges via the Request for Score Transfer Process; however, the scores must be from appropriate tests. Below is a listing of accepted test scores for transfer:


English Test
English as a Second Language (ESL) Test
Math Test
Chemistry 1A/Biology 6A Exam
Biology 40A Exam


  • Accuplacer Classic Sentence Skills AND
  • Accuplacer Classic Reading Comprehension
  • CELSA, Version I


  • Accuplacer Classic College Level
  • Accuplacer Classic Elementary Algebra
  • Accuplacer Classic Arithmetic
  • Chemistry Diagnostic Exam results from Foothill College transfer to De Anza
  • This is a locally developed test; results are NOT transferable from other colleges.
Can I use my High School transcript for assessment?  

High School English, ESL, Chemistry and Biology, courses are not approved for assessment purposes.

However, a high school transcript can be assessed for Math placement. Students are required to take the Accuplacer test to be eligible for a high school transcript assessment.

Highly Recommended! Complete the High School Assessment form and bring it to your math placement testing appointment.This can take up to five (5) business days to process. Your results will be posted on MyPortal.

Can I use my College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exam scores to satisfy the assessment requirement? 

College Board AP exams with qualifying scores of 3 or higher for English, Statistics and Calculus can be used to satisfy the assessment English and Math requirements. 

Students must complete the Prerequisite Clearance Process to submit AP exam results to De Anza.

Notes about AP exam scores and Priority Registration Check List - Assessment Requirement:

  • Only official AP exam scores can be used to fulfill the assessment requirement for Priority Registration.
  • Unofficial AP exam scores can be used to waive a prerequisite, but a student will not be considered to have met the assessment requirement for Priority Registration.
Can I use my College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exam scores to meet Biology and Chemistry prerequisites?

De Anza may award course credit for College Board AP exams with qualifying scores of 3 or higher in Biology and Chemistry. Refer to De Anza's AP Exam Credit Guidelines for more information.

Consult a counselor about the implications AP exam results for course credit and your educational goals.

Do I need an appointment to take a placement test?

Yes; the Assessment Center administers English/ESL placement tests, Math placement tests, Biology 40A exams and Chemistry 1A/Biology 6A exams on an appointment basis.

Highly recommended! Students should test at least one month before their registration date. Review the test sessions offerings today.

When ready, make an appointment online!

What if all testing sessions are full?

The Assessment Center offers Stand-By testing options for each testing session. A Stand-By tester has the opportunity to test when a student with an appointment does not show up for their appointment.

To request a Stand-By test, do the following:

  • Check your testing eligibility or contact the Assessment Team via phone 408-864-8717 or email at
  • Study!
  • Check in with the Assessment Center Front Desk, RSS 144, at least 10 - 15 minutes early on the day of the testing session. Recommended Parking: Lot A.
  • Present your photo ID and student ID number.
  • Upon check in, you will be asked to wait outside of the testing lab until a testing station is available for you.
I am located outside of the Bay Area -OR- I cannot come into take a placement test because I work during the testing sessions. How can I take a placement test?

The Assessment Center can work with a proctor or testing center in your area to administer the English and Math placement tests so that you can find a date/time that works for you. To begin the process, complete the Request for Remote Proctor Form.

Be sure to review the proctor requirements listed on the form.

Highly Recommended! Start this process at least one month before your registration date.

How can I review and prepare for placement testing?
Review the test format and study guides online.
Will I need to pay a fee for testing?

There is no fee for placement testing services.

Where are my assessment results posted and how long does it take to process results?

You can access placement results online at using your De Anza 8-digit Student ID number and password.

  • Click  "Registration" tab at top of page. 
  • Click "My Records.
  • Click "See My Placement Test Results".

Results for ESL and English testing may take several weeks to be finalized and posted on MyPortal. Students that don't test directly into EWRT 1A, will have their essays graded by two professors.

Results for Math, Chemistry and Biology may take 2 to 3 business days to be posted on MyPortal.

Can't see your results on MyPortal?

Come to the Assessment Center (RSS 144) with photo ID or email

Students who took placement tests prior to June 2010 will not be able to see their results on MyPortal.

Per FEPRA Guidelines, the Assessment Center cannot release assessment results over the phone. You can, however, request results in writing. Simply email us at

Can I challenge my assessment results?

Per Title V, students have the right to challenge their assessment results. Review the Challenge Process Steps.

Can I retest?

To determine if you are eligible for a retest, review the Foothill-De Anza Community College Retest Policy.

I'd like to transfer my results from De Anza to another College. How can I do this?

To obtain an official copy of your assessment results, please complete the Assessment Results Release Request form. This can take up to five (5) business days to process.

Assessment Department Building: Registration & Student Services
Room: RSS 144
Phone: 408.864.8717

Last Updated: 10/27/17