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Cheryl Owiesny
Head Women's Soccer Coach


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Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Winter 2019

35278KNES 37AX2Soccer
35279KNES 37BX2Soccer Level 2
35280KNES 37CX2Soccer Level 3
34737KNES 4563ZIntroduction to Kinesiology
35563KNES 4566ZIntroduction to Kinesiology
32282PE 32S1Women's Soccer Techniques
35512PE 32S2Women's Soccer Techniques

Fall 2018

24799KNES 9AX62ZInteractive Cardiovascular Fitness and Activity Tracking 1
23566KNES 37AX1Soccer
23567KNES 37BX1Soccer Level 2
24203KNES 37CX1Soccer Level 3
23986KNES 4562ZIntroduction to Kinesiology
23533KNES 50A62ZOrientation to Lifetime Fitness
23534KNES 50AL62Lifetime Wellness and Fitness Center Laboratory
24709PE 39W1Intercollegiate Women's Soccer
21085PE 39W2Intercollegiate Women's Soccer
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