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Jill Quigley

Jill Quigley

1:23-2:34 p.m. or by arrangement


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I've been teaching English at De Anza since 2001. I'm a poet and a mother. I live in Pacifica.
BA in English Literature, William Smith College; MA in African American Literature, Boston College
Teaching is my passion, and De Anza students have been my inspiration since 2001. I teach basic skills writing and transfer composition, in addition to women’s studies and literature courses. And I teach in the Honors and First Year Experience programs. My teaching philosophies come from bell hooks and my mother: love and hard work. Reading is what I think is the key to becoming a successful writer, and after that, revision. I want to teach my students to learn about voice and then use it—-passionately, from the heart. If you can write, then you can change the world.

I am also Chair of the English Department.

Fall 2017
CRN Course Title
23863 ELIT-010.-02 Introduction to Fiction
00949 EWRT-200.-FY1 Fundamentals of Writing
02737 LART-078.-FY1 Topics in Language Arts - FYE and Sankofa
Winter 2018
CRN Course Title
00788 EWRT-001B-06 Reading, Writing and Research
35427 EWRT-01BH-06H Reading, Writing and Research - HONORS
31175 EWRT-211.-19 Preparatory Reading and Writing Skills
33816 EWRT-211.-FY1 Preparatory Reading and Writing Skills

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