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Why Study Geology

Geologists are scientific detectives who try to reveal the past and the future of the Earth. Geology attracts people who wish to study the dynamics of the Earth we live on, its resources, and the most economic and sustainable way to use these resources.

Geology is a field-based, multi-disciplinary science that integrates the principles of chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics in the study of Earth processes and history. Geologists and geoscientists study a broad range of topics including plate tectonics, glaciers, floods, groundwater flow – even dinosaur evolution.

Getting Started

Always check course prerequisites when planning your schedule of classes. Plan well in advance to submit your prerequisite clearance request if you think you've already met the prerequisite requirement through another college.


Contact Us

Chris DiLeonardo
Geology Department Coordinator

Phone: 408.864.8632


Geology department


Geology Building:  S31
Contact: Chris DiLeonardo
Phone: 408.864.8632

Last Updated: 4/13/18